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Innovative Intelligent Rack PDU Designed to Simplify Rack Energy & Environmental Monitoring of your Data Centre

Enlogic 2.0 rack PDUs provide comprehensive, accurate energy and environmental data needed to utilise power resources efficiently, enhance capacity planning decisions, improve uptime, measure PUE, and drive green data centre initiatives to save you energy and money.

Enlogic's best-in-class design offers industry leading metering accuracy, robust high tempreature rating, comprehensive environmental management capabilities, hot-swap intelligence module, and patented dual network access, all housed within an ultra low profile chassis to save rack space and enable access to hot-swappable equipment. The EN Series Power Distribution Unit (PDU) distributes power to devices in the rack and offers real-time metering and network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimization. It can be monitored through Web, Telnet, SNMP, or SSH interfaces. 
The Enlogic 2.0 PDUs are available in the EN1000, EN2000, EN5000, EN6000, and EZ series.

EN1000 Series: Input metered intelligent rack PDU with real-time input and circuit breaker level monitoring for early threat warning, capacity load balancing, and energy use optimation.

EN2000 Series: Input metered with outlet switching intelligent rack PDU have all the features of the EN1000 series combined with remote outlet level power control, power up sequencing and outlet management. 

EN5000 Series: Outlet metered intelligent rack PDU have all the features of the EN1000 series combined with remote outlet level power and energy metering. 

EN6000 series: Outlet metered and outlet swiching intelligent rack PDU have the combined features of the EN2000 and EN5000 series offering both remote outlet level power and energy metering as well as outlet level power control, power up sequencing and outlet management.

EZ1000 series: The Inline energy meter offers real-time input circuit level monitoring remotely. Ideal for remote monitoring of basic PDUs or stand-alone equipment.

These EN Series PDUs are available with various outlet configuraitons ranging from 12 outlets to 42 outlets in a 0U vertical mounting or 8 outlets to 16 outlets in the 1U/2U horizontal mounting. The 0U vertical mounting PDUs are available with IEC C13, IEC C19, BS1363 and Schuko combination outlets. 

Dual Display
The new EN 2.0 rack PDUs offers a dual display. The upper high visibility data display is active at all times displaying energy information at a glance with a user defined electronic colour coding available in 8 colours to help easily identify power sources.  Allows for user to view settings and monitor measurements of the PDU. The lower interactive display provides energy and environmental data as well as alarms and network settings.

Colour Customisation for Identification
The colour customisation features enables on-the-spot PDU customization: configurable LED border colors for power source identification. This patent-pending technology comes standard on all EN2.0 products and allows users to configure and change the LED border color to differentiate power sources in a rack. Enlogic is the only manufacturer to offer this technology with their high visibility Network Management Controller. It is the most cost-effective solution on the market for PDU customization.

Hot Swappable Network Management Card
The new EN 2.0 hot-swap design is now toolless and allows quick and easy replacement without the need for costly downtime. Utility grade kWh meter continues to run in the background so there is no loss of energy consumption data, and user configurations are stored separately during the replacement process.

Dual Network Access
The dual network access (DNA) allows for visibility of real time vital statistics and opreating information to two separate and secure networks. Ideal for colocation sites where tenant and landlord require PDU data on their own separate networks, or for reduandancy where the primary network is down the PDUs are still accessible via the secondary network. 

Input Buttons
Allow user to navigate and control the content of the OLED display.

Ethernet Port 1 / Daisy Chain In port
Primary network communication port allows for IP network connection. The same port is used to connect a Daisy Chain out port for up to 64x EN 2.0 rack PDUs.

Ethernet Port 2 / Daisy Chain Out Port
Secondary network communication port for IP network connection accessible by tenant/landlord, or when primary network is down. The same port is used to connect a Daisy Chain in port for up to 64x EN 2.0 rack PDUs. 

Sensor Ports
2x Sensor connection ports for external environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, dry contact, door status, and fluid leak.

USB Port
The more powerful USB-C connection allows for data transfer and flexible peripheral connection allowing for future proofing DC operations.

DC Power Sharing over Cascade
Redundant rack PDUs share power over the same ethernet cable used to daisy chain, so that even if a PDU loses AC power, it can still receive DC power from the connected PDU. This allows the PDUs to maintain network communication, sensor functions, and security operations.

Enlogic 2.0 Platform and Integration

The EN 2.0 rack PDU uses the best in class Cortex A5 micro processor along with a power Linux operation system platform. Remote connectivity is available via HTTPS web interface and SSH with remote monitoring via SNMP and JSON. The new React platform enables users to view the web interface natively on a laptop/computer or mobile device.

Power Cord
Field rewireable, top or front cord option. 1m, 3m, and 5m cord lengths available.

LED lights
Lights display for corresponding outlet when power is applied to outlet. LED lights are NOT available on any EN1000 or EN5000 models. 

Slim Profile
Low profile space spacing design with ultra low profile circuit breakers.

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