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Vertiv DSView Management Software Datasheet
Vertiv DSVIEW 4_5 Management Software - Installer Guide

Avocent® DSView software is the single-rack view needed for all your servers, embedded technologies, network equipment and power devices.

Avocent D SView Management Software provides centralised management, access and control of your IT Infrastructure. From physical servers connected to KVM switches, virtual servers, blade chassis’, SANS, network switches, routers and firewalls to rack PDUs, UPS and environmental monitoring; the single secure web managed interface enables IT administrators to access and troubleshoot IT devices remotely wherever they are located globally. IT Managers and Network Managers are able to easily manage multiple sites globally. DSView Management Software is ideal for multiple closet server rooms, comms rooms, midsize server rooms, large data centres, branch offices, micro data centres and the infrastructure on the EDGE.

Heterogeneous Server Environment

IT Managers and administrators are able to overcome the challenge of heterogeneous server environments by connecting mix vendors servers to an Avocent MPU KVM over IP switch. The Avocent MPU range of KVM over IP switches support out-of-band BIOS level access to servers, as well as virtual media capabilities. The virtual media capabilities further enhance SLAs by remotely troubleshooting, remediating and conducting diagnostics by enabling the user to mount local media such as CD/DVD drives and USB mass storage drives to the remote server as if it was locally connected to it. Users are able to boot from CD/DVD, install applications and copy missing files and conduct upgrades to servers that have crashed, have limited access or where the network is down. DSView Management Software enables you to add multiple Avocent MPU and AV3000 range of KVM over IP switches deployed in multiple racks across multiple locations for centralised management, access and control, providing BIOS level access to server globally. This drastically reduces down time and increases server availability and uptime.

Consolidated Access with Third Party Tools

Avocent DSView management software centralises access to your servers by integrating the out-of-band BIOS level access from the Avocent KVM over IP switch with in-band access tools such as RDP terminal services and VNC to the same target server providing out-of-band and in-band methods of access to the same server.  IT Managers and administrators are also able to integrate with Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper V and VMWare Virtual Centre and ESX servers as well as Blade servers and chassis’ for complete access to all your virtual and physical servers regardless of where they are located. All access via DSView Management Software is audit logged with date and time stamp and the type of session launched.

Serial Access

The Avocent ACS range of Advanced Serial Console Servers provide out-of-band secure remote serial console access to routers, firewalls, network switches and anything else that has a serial console management port. In the event that the network is down, the ACS range of Advanced Console Servers offer failover to LTE modem, so Network Managers are able to quickly troubleshoot downed devices, restore operation, apply zero touch provisioning for firmware updates and make critical changes where required. Where your organisation has multiple closet server rooms, comms rooms, midsize server rooms, large data centres, branch offices, micro data centres or your infrastructure on the EDGE, DSView Management Software makes it easy to manage multiple Avocent Advanced Serial Console Servers in multiple racks across multiple locations anytime from anywhere. All serial console sessions are audit logged with date and time stamp of who accessed what and when with email notification.

Security and Authentication

DSView Management Software is a trusted application used by customers globally across multiple vertical markets. It’s a solution that has proven to be reliable and one that customers depend on everyday for secure remote access to all their IT and Network infrastructure. It helps reduce setup time, eliminate setup and installation errors and minimises impact on resources globally. The DSView 4 software includes local accounts for user authentication with varied level of access, control and privileges. The DSView Management Software can also integrate and authenticate with Active Directory, LDAP, TACACs+ and Radius to port individual users or groups of users and support two factor authentication with web secure 2048 SSL certificate.  Each user or group of users can be configured with granular permissions for added security. User access can be restricted by IP or subnet range, with all activity logging for full operational accountability, including each successful or failed authentication audit logged with date and time stamp with email notification.

Service Processors vs KVM

Nowadays all the major server vendor have service processors such as HP iLO, Dell DRAC and IBM RSA to name a few.  Indeed they are useful but the service processors are in-band tools and are still therefore dependent on the health of the network being operational for any kind of access and control. In the event that the network is down, access to those service processors and the servers will be unavailable.

There are also hidden costs associated to the service processors which sometimes go unnoticed when purchasing new servers. For instance the service processor is not standard, even though a quote from your supplier would suggest that it was inclusive.  It is simply covered by the total cost of the server. You can request to have the service processor removed from the total cost of the server to help reduce the general cost of the server by several hundred GBP/USD. The service processor is also part of the server, so if you decommissioned 100x aging servers, the service processor on each aging server is now obsolete and of no use and a new service processor will need to be purchased with each new server. It can quickly become very expensive replacing servers. There is then the cost of an IP address. If you have 100x servers with dual network cards and a service processor, this would mean you would require 300x IP addresses, 300x patch cords, 300x ports available on a number of patch panels, and 300x ports available on a number of network switches, followed by the cost of the hardware support for each network switches. 1/3 of the cost for the patch cords, patch panels, network switches and hardware support for the network switches is to support the service processor connectivity.

In comparison to a KVM switch solution, the Avocent MPU range of KVM over IP switches are out-of-band solutions and are not entirely dependent on the health of the network and therefore will provide BIOS level access to servers. Each Avocent KVM over IP switch only requires one IP address to manage up to 32 servers with BIOS level access. That is only 3x IP addresses to manage up to 96 servers and offers a huge saving as you now do not require the additional patch panels, networks switches and hardware support for the network switches.  A KVM server interface module is required to connect to each server. However unlike when service processors becoming obsolete where an aging server is decommissioned and replaced with a new server, the KVM server interface modules can be reused time and time again and connected to a new server providing extensive ongoing savings for the future.

Professional Services and Installation

If you are a new customer who is about to implement the Avocent DSView Management Software and hardware for the first time, our professional services can assist with the install and configuration of the software, ensuring you get full advantage of Avocent’s DSView Management software powerful features, while reducing setup time and installation errors, and minimizing the impact on resources. For existing customers that are upgrading to the new Avocent DSView 4 Management Software, professional services can assist with the migration as well as conduct a health check of the software to ensure it is configured for optimised use for your environment.

Best Suited For

Banking, Financial and Insurance


Broadcast and Entertainment


Data Centre/Colocation/Hosting

Oil and Gas


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Avocent® DSView™ software (hub/spoke) minimum requirements

Operating System
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x64), 2012 (x64)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11(x64) ,  OpenSUSE 12.1 (x64)
RedHat Enterprise Server 6.4 (x64), 6.5 (x64),  7 (x64 ), CentOS 6.5 (x64) , CentOS 7 (x64)
Sun Solaris SPARC 10

Hardware Requirements 
Large (> 7000 Target Devices)

Windows/Linux Dedicated Physical or Virtual Server  (no resource sharing)
One more more 2+ Ghz CPU
40+ GB HDD

Medium (1000-7000 Target Devices)
Windows/Linux Dedicated Physical or Virtual Server  (no resource sharing)
2+ Ghz Multi-Core CPU
40+ GB HDD

Small (<1000 Target Devices)
Windows/Linux Dedicated Physical or Virtual Server or (ESX/Hyper-V)
Virtual Machine (no resource sharing)
Dedicated processing priority 2+ Ghz
Dedicated 4 GB RAM
40 GB non-expanding HDD

Browser Support
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11  
Mozilla Firefox version 45.0 ESR
Google Chrome version 53
Microsoft Edge

Virtual Machine Support
VMware ESX server version up to version 6.0
Microsoft Hyper-V3
Xen Express, Standard, Enterprise or Platinum versions up to 6.5 (Enterprise and Platinum versions support resource pool, required for XenMotion)

Blade Support
IBM blade chassis: BladeCenter, BladeCenter  T / H / HT
IBM blade chassis: PowerEdge 1855,  PowerEdge 1955
Dell DRAC MC, Dell M1000e
HP blade chassis: BladeSystem c-Class, BladeSystem p-ClassFTS BX600
Generic blade chassis

KVM over IP Appliances
Avocent MergePoint Unity™ KVM over IP and  serial console switch
Avocent Universal Management Gateway 2000/4000/6000 appliance
Avocent AutoView 3108/3216

Third-party KVM over IP Appliances
Dell 1082DS, 2161DS2, 2162DS, 4161DS 4322DS, 8321DS, DAV2108, DAV2116
HP G2 Switches AF620A, AF621A and AF622A
Blackbox KV2116A and KV4116A
Fujitsu s2-0411, s3-1641, s4-0812, 1622, and 3242
Fujitsu Components Limited FW-D1008NP, FW-D2016NP, FW-D4016NP,  FW-D2032NP, FW-S1008SR, FW-S1016SR,  FW-S1032SR, FW-S1048SR

Serial Console Servers
Avocent ACS advanced console servers ACS 5000, ACS 6000 and ACS 8000 appliances
Avocent Universal Management Gateway 2000/4000/6000 appliances
CPS810 and 1610 serial over IP network appliances

Power Devices
Power devices are supported on Avocent ACS, Avocent CPS, Avocent CCM appliances and on all Avocent DSR switch and Avocent MergePoint Unity switch that contain one or more SPC ports
Avocent SPC power control devices
Avocent PM PDUs: PM 8, PM 10, PM 20, PM 1000, PM 2000 and PM 3000
Vertiv™ Rack PDUs MPH™, MPH2™, MPX™ 
Vertiv MPI Intelligent PDU family
Liebert GXT4 Uninterruptible Power Supply

Third-Party Power Devices
APC AP71xx, 78xx and 79xx series and AP8661, AP8941 PDUs*
Server Technologies Sentry 3 & 4 models CW-48V5Z454-A1P, CW-24VY-L30M, CWG24V4Z423A9/QR, CW-8H1A413, CW-24V4K425A9, STV-6502M and STV-4501C

Sentry Switched CDU CW-8H1, CW-8H2, CW-16V1, CW-16V2, CW-24V2, CW-24V3, CW-32VD1 and CW-32VD2 (supported models may change; contact Avocent Technical Support for current information) PDUs only supported through Ethernet Server Technology Sentry Switched devices supported via serial connections on Avocent ACS, DSR switch and MergePoint Unity switch

Service Processor Managers
Avocent Universal Management Gateway 2000/4000/6000 appliances
Dell iDRAC8 v2.30.30.30+ (direct DSView managed vKVM session)
Generic Appliances

Supported Modems
The following modems and serial PCI cards are supported by the Avocent DSView software, provided the modems are supported on the Avocent DSView software server operating system.
MultiTech MT9234SMI
Digi Rapidport USB Modem
US robotics 5686

Note: The modems listed are not supported on Sun Solaris SPARC operating systems.