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Single Port KVM over IP Solution Taking you to the EDGE!
The Lantronix Spider® provides secure KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) server management over an IP network. Unlike any other product on the market, Spider offers a flexible, scalable and affordable CAT5-based remote access KVM solution in a cable friendly, compact “zero-footprint” package ideal for the EDGE. The Lantronix Spider KVM helps you to remotely manage servers that are distributed geographically. It eliminates server-to-switch CAT5 cable distance limitations and gives system administrators 24/7 access to mission-critical servers distributed across a wide variety of network environments such as high-density data centers, corporate or university campuses, multi-floor buildings, branch offices, and test and development labs.
Connected directly to the server, the Lantronix Spider KVM guarantees non-blocked access from any web browser, anywhere, at any time! More cost-effective than traditional KVM, it provides one of the lowest "cost-per-remote-user" server management solutions available. And no client software or external power supply is required.
Amazingly scalable, the Lantronix Spider KVM can be easily daisy-chained together using Lantronix SwitchPort+™ integrated Ethernet switch technology. This provides an economical and highly flexible solution in environments where numerous cable drops and distance limitations can be a challenge when adding servers.
Access Servers Anytime, from Anywhere - No Cable Distance Restrictions

KVM over IP switches are a valuable part of an effective infrastructure management strategy, enabling administrators to gain BIOS-level access to servers, perform maintenance and solve problems from virtually anywhere at a moment's notice - regardless of the location. However, the cable distance limitation between servers and a KVM switch presents a problem. In a distributed IT environment or managing your IT at the EDGE, a better solution is needed.


Lantronix Spider provides secure KVM access to servers over a standard IP network. It does not have the cable length restrictions inherent with computer interface modules or dongles with current CAT5 KVM switches. Server can be across the room, in a different city or country, or even across the globe. Video degradation is not a factor, and additional cbale drops are not necessary. 

Benefits of the Lantronix Spider KVM over IP Switch

  • Full non-blocked access providing one of the lowest cost per remote suer server management solutions available.
  • Secure, full BIOS level control of servers over an IP network.
  • Clean, flexible CAT5 KVM solution with virtually no cable length restrictions.
  • Completely integrated IP-based KVM switch in a Zero U form factor.
  • Cost effectivy and easy "add as you grow" scalability by daisy chaining multiple units.
  • Compact server powered design - No external power supply required.
  • Virtual Media support.
  • Browser based - No client software required.
  • Each Unit supports up to 8 simultaneous users.
  • Remote authentication support, including LDAP, Radius and Active Directory.

Fully Secure, Non-Blocked Remote Access
Lantronix Spider provides continuous availability to servers with 1:1 non-blocked access. This allows administrators to have guaranteed access to mission- critical servers, regardless of how many of them need remote access. In other words, administrators are not locked in to a fixed number of remote users. And adding more remote users is simple and cost effective – just add another Spider!

Additionally with Spider, you can add remote IP users one server port at a time, rather than adding another switch that provides costly, pre-defined multiples. And there is no single point of failure with Spider deployments. If a unit is disabled, you lose access to just one server and the Spider is easily replaced. 


Campus Environments (Corporate & Education)

Corporate Offices

Branch Offices and Remote Sites

Government Facilities

Isolated servers & at the EDGE

SMBs and Departmental IT

Distributed IT Infrastructures (Multi Floor, Multi Building, and Multi Sites)

Disaster Recovery Sites

Laboratory, Test Labs, & Development

Factories and Kiosks

Call Centres and Training Rooms

Dark Data Centre Facilities

Help desks

Enterprise Data Centres